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Mentoring Story Part 4

Generational Mentorship…The Fruit of Discipleship

Our Mentoring Story...

Mentor (and Mentee): Jamie Hulker

Mentoring is critical in our walks with the Lord. Jesus modeled this for us by investing in His 12 disciples! Once I understood that, I’ve tried to be intentional about having a mentor and being a mentor. More than anything, except time in God’s Word, this simple concept has changed my life. Let me explain what I mean by telling you a few things about my mentor, Judy, and a few things about my friend Crystal, whom I have the privilege of mentoring.

After I graduated from college, I knew I needed the accountability, wisdom and encouragement from someone I respected spiritually, but I struggled for several years to find that. One day, I finally asked an older lady at my church-Judy- to mentor me. “Sure!” she said. “Do you want get together this week?” Long story short, Judy has been in my life ever since.

In the beginning, I called Judy more times than she probably bargained for, but she always made time to talk with me and to point me to the truth of God’s Word. She also taught me many valuable lessons about being a woman and a wife and mother. And we laughed-a lot! Honestly, we still laugh a lot! Although we first met over 20 years ago, we still talk regularly and get together when we can. I’m so grateful to the Lord for how He uses Judy in my life.

Today, partially because of Judy’s investment in my life, I’m privileged to mentor my dear friend Crystal! Crystal and I met on a missions trip to NOLA in 2015. There we became fast friends and discovered that we not only grew up knowing some of the same people-although she and I had never met, we also had similar things going on in our lives. When we got back from NOLA it was only natural for us to get together to talk about these things.

Just like with Judy, Crystal and I spend time together laughing, talking about life and looking for what God’s Word says on the issues we face. We’ve talked about everything from the sovereignty of God, to Whole30 and much more in between! Generally, we don’t have any ‘set’ topic or study, but we’ve learned that when we talk, the topic generally presents itself.

When we first got back from NOLA, we got together every other week which really helped us get to know each other. Now, we get together whenever it works, and sometimes we have to be really creative! For example, we hosted a table together at the Women’s Dinner, and we have even gone paddle boarding a few times! Regardless of how complicated it can be to get together, we text often and are intentional about making sure we get time to talk face to face.

I have loved getting to know Crystal better and watching her follow the Lord’s leading in her life. She encourages me with her willingness to take on whatever the LORD sets before her, and I am challenged when I watch her servant’s heart. Truth be told, I always find that I am more encouraged and challenged than Crystal is! J 

My prayer is that 20 years from now, just like in my relationship with Judy, Crystal and I are still great friends and are celebrating how the Lord has worked in both of our lives (and maybe even in the lives of those she will mentor) as a result of our times together.

Mentee: Crystal Koelsch

I first met Jamie while on the women's trip to New Orleans a few years back. Over the course of the trip, I realized she had a heart for missions and an earnest desire to study God's word. A few friends from church had encouraged me to reach out to her about becoming my mentor knowing that we had a lot in common. Shortly after the trip we met and talked about what our mentor/mentee relationship would look like. We don't have a precise schedule for meeting. Since we both have busy schedules, we meet every couple of weeks depending on what we each have going on. At times we have done Bible studies together and sometimes we just meet and talk about life. She keeps me accountable to staying in God's word, helps me grow my relationship with the LORD, helps me navigate through the adventures of raising boys and listens to me when I need to talk something out. Also, not only have I gained a mentor, but also a true friend. I am incredibly thankful for a church that encourages women to have mentors!