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Mentoring Story Part 3

Hear from a few of our ClearView women who are involved in relationships that are intentional and transformational. Their journeys look different but the purpose is the same – to teach women to live in God’s glory according to His truth.

Our Mentoring Story...

Mentor: Beth Newlin

Sloane and I met through the Mentor Program at ClearView at the beginning of her 10th grade year.   We usually get together once a month during the school year.  Some of our time together has been painting pumpkins, baking Thanksgiving cupcakes, going to a movie, having coffee, and attending church organized missions projects and social events.  Last year we did a Bible study together and this year we are creating prayer journals. My time with Sloane has definitely kept me in the word and intentional in my prayer life.  I love our friendship and partnership as we seek the Lord.


Mentee: Sloane Sellers

The Mentor Program overall has had such a huge, positive impact on me both spiritually and mentally. I first joined the program about a year ago, during my sophomore year of high school, which has really allowed me to grow closer with Beth over the past year. When we plan to meet, we always figure out something fun to do that we both enjoy, whether that be painting pumpkins in October, making cute cupcakes decorated like turkeys in November, or even something just as simple as going to get coffee. Once a month, we get together and along with having our fun, we also get serious about the Word. Over the course of last year, we went through a great devotional together. When we met, we would talk about things in the specific chapter that we had to read for that month: things we loved about it, things that stood out, verses that spoke to us, and the things that we learned. This year, we decided to each do a prayer journal that we can discuss at our meetings. This allows me to write down my prayers and my praises every night, and it really has helped me to become consistent in my prayer life and enables me to truly count my blessings. One of the things that’s always been hard for me in my spiritual walk is staying in the Word consistently, but through Beth’s encouragement, support, and through her holding me accountable, she has helped me so much with this struggle of mine. We have been able to work out a reading plan that works for me and my schedule, and I even find myself starting off each day by listening to the Bible being read which puts me in a positive mood for the rest of the day. I can feel myself growing closer to the Lord through this program because I’ve been able to strengthen my weaknesses along the way. It is the best feeling in the world to have a mentor by your side to check up on you in everyday life, to listen to you, to goof around with you, and to not only be there for you throughout high school but to also have them there to walk alongside you on your spiritual journey.