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Mentoring Story Part 2

Hear from a few of our ClearView women who are involved in relationships that are intentional and transformational. Their journeys look different but the purpose is the same – to teach women to live in God’s glory according to His truth.

Our Mentoring Story…

Mentor: Emily Butler

I met Claudia when she and Nathan came to meet the ClearView family before he accepted the job as Student Pastor to Middle Schoolers.  We continued to see one another at different functions related to ClearView, but it wasn’t until she had Rhett that we really started to spend time together outside of church.  It all started with a couple of outings at The Juice Bar when Rhett was tiny.  Then, Claudia, Christine Satterfield, and I worked together for several weeks to prepare to lead a breakout session on marriage at the 2017 Women’s Retreat.  Claudia approached me that weekend to ask if I would consider being her mentor.  I was SHOCKED.  I have never considered myself to have any special wisdom to offer young moms.  I asked Claudia if she really trusted me to speak truth into her life, and she said she did.  I actually saw so much of myself as a young mom in Claudia.  So I agreed!  Neither of us really knew what this would look like as our relationship grew, but Titus 2:1-5 has remained the framework, and I’ve done my best to relay what the Lord has taught me through 24 years of marriage and 21 years of parenting.  We get together once or twice a month to hang out whether that’s at Chick-fil-A, the pool, the Franklin High parade, or Claudia’s house during Rhett’s nap.  During our first official meeting, I brought ice breaker questions so we could really start to know each other.  We’ve formally discussed very structured Bible studies, and currently we are working through Denise Glenn’s Wisdom for Mothers.  We’ve cried some and laughed much more.  We’ve asked each other hard questions.  We’ve prayed for big and small things for each other.  It’s been fun so far, and I’ve found a new friend.

Mentee: Claudia McDivitt

I started praying for a mentor last year and knew it was something that I really wanted. The Lord put Emily Butler on my heart toward the beginning of this year and I was really excited because I already loved so many things about her. Emily and I were already friends and knew each other from church, but I didn’t know a ton about her. I remember asking her to chat at the Women’s Retreat back in March and I was so nervous. Looking back now it’s so funny that I was nervous because our relationship has grown so much. She agreed and was excited to start this journey together. Since then, our relationship has grown into something so precious to me. Emily is someone who I can be completely vulnerable with. I let her see the good parts of my heart and the not so pretty parts. She encourages, loves, and speaks truth into my life even when it’s hard for me hear. I look up to her as a wife and a mother and have learned so much from her by the way she lives her life. Not to mention, we laugh a whole lot - which is one of my favorite things. Our time together isn’t always serious, which I love. We have met at my house or met for lunch at our favorite spot, Juice Bar! But we have also gone to the pool, park, parades, and other fun places. We get together 1-2 times a month and have walked through a couple of studies together, but sometimes we just meet to chat and catch up! She reminds me in our time together that I am enough. She encourages me as a young mom and wife. She gives me Scripture to hide in those deep places of my heart so when I need it I can find it there. The Lord has been such a sweet part of our relationship and has taught me so many things by not only our time together but just watching Emily live her life on any ordinary day. She is simply amazing! I look forward to seeing how He continues to grow us both during our time together.