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Mark Satterfield Resignation

Church family, 

Yesterday was a bittersweet day as I turned in my resignation to Pastor Jason. My last day at ClearView will be Sunday, February 4. 

I have accepted the position of Executive and Teaching Pastor at The Glade Church in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee.

It's important for you to know that I began talking with The Glade in late October and did not know that Jason would be our pastor until late November. My plans were already in the works beforehand. I shared my news with Pastor Jason early on because I desire for him to succeed in his new role and for ClearView to have a strong start this year. I am thankful for Jason. His support has been tremendous for me the last several weeks.   

I am sad because my family loves ClearView so much, but I am also excited for the days ahead. It’s a strange feeling to have two different emotions at the same time. Believe it or not, I have been at ClearView 60 months, 32 of which have been without a senior pastor. I truly believe God brought me here for that reason and season. I wouldn't trade my time here for anything else. My family loves loves loves ClearView!  

To sum up my time at ClearView, I think of the word "thankful.” I am thankful for so many great friendships, our staff, and the ministry that has taken place. I wanted you to hear from me first this morning since it will be made public this afternoon. 

Lastly, I will share on Sunday my full resignation letter with you in the worship services but wanted you to know first thing this week. 

Thank you for loving my family so well.
Mark Satterfield