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March 2017 Haiti Team Updates

Friday, March 24

We ended Teacher Appreciation Week with t-shirts and a cupcake bar. The teachers loved it! 

We had community day and got to spend some time with our favorite senior in Neply, FiFi. She was showing her friends the things she made at Elderly Camp and said, "I'm a super star at MyLIFEspeaks!" 

We had time to hang out this afternoon with new friends we've made before packing and getting ready to leave. 

Please pray that we have safe, smooth travels tomorrow and make all of our flights. 

Thursday, March 23

Today we took the teachers and students on a field trip to the beach. We gave everyone fun sunglasses to get us in the party spirit. We bought the teachers lunch, which consisted of fresh-caught grilled lobster, lambi (sautéed conch), and fried banan (plantain). Everyone had a great time playing in the ocean and enjoying the sunshine. 

As soon as we returned from the beach our whole team helped with feeding program by serving food and then hand-washing all the dishes.

Tonight, we will bake the cupcakes for the final teacher appreciation day, and probably go to bed early!

Wednesday, March 22

The teachers were all smiles when we gave them their LIFE Academy tumblers filled with candy. The ladies loved their notebooks and pens. The guys loved their headphones and multitools. 

We finished up Elderly camp today. They painted canvas bags to hold their crafts from the week along with their first aid kits, coloring books, colored pencils and sharpeners. Rhonda explained to them what was in the first aid kit and how/when to use them. 

The guys finished up construction in the new House Kids' house. Screen doors, shelves, cover for the generator, etc. 

This afternoon we were supposed to visit House Kids but it rained so we enjoyed some downtime on the campus. 

Tuesday, March 21

Today for teacher appreciation we gave the ladies manicures and pedicures along with a nail kit. The guys played in the first ever teacher appreciation corn hole tournament.

At Elderly Camp we did puzzles, coloring sheets, and play doh as they arrived. Then for exercise we did Zumba with them. They love to dance! They painted canvases and played their favorite game, BINGO. 

This afternoon we got to help with feeding program, which provides daily meals for about 75 kids. It's an awesome experience to be a part of. We also got to help hand-wash all the dishes, which is a big task!

The guys continued their construction projects at one of the host family's new home after the corn-hole tourney, and completed a shed to protect the generator, and started installing shelves and screen doors they built yesterday.

Wednesday is usually the longest day as people are tired from several long days, so please pray for energy and strength and positive attitudes.

Monday, March 20

Today we kicked off Teacher Appreciation Week by making a human tunnel to cheer for each teacher as they came in. We gave them a gift bag with bodywash and a loofa in it. We also made them muffins to enjoy before they started their day. The smiles on their faces was priceless. 

At Elderly Camp we did puzzles, played memory, did some stretching exercises, made sun catchers, did the chicken dance, Head and Shoulders, knees and toes, and taught them to play UNO. 

The guys started several construction projects today. They cut shelves, built screen door frames, and dug postholes to make a shed to cover a generator. 

This afternoon we went and prayed with the people who came to Elderly Camp. They were sweet to welcome us into their homes to pray for them. 

After dinner and debrief we got to hang out with the people in the community in front of the main campus. 

Everyone is well and having a good time. Please pray for continued health, good rest and strength for the remainder of the week. 

Written By: Heather Hood

Sunday, March 19

After a long day of travel yesterday we were happy to make it to campus and start to get settled in. 

This morning we helped with children's church. We acted out the story of Namaan. Tom did a great job being Namaan. 

We then worshiped under the mango tree with everyone. It was an awesome experience.  Staci said, "It was great because this is the only time this week we will be with that many people from the village at once."

After a lunch we sorted all the supplies the teams brought, we went on a tour of the village, and then we went to see and pray over the new land. 

We had some time to hang out with the people and just visit until dinner. 

Tomorrow we get to kick off Teacher Appreciation week and our first day of Elderly camp. 

Written By: Heather Hood