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Lord, bend me.

Church family, 

In the early 1900's, Evan Roberts witnessed one of the greatest revivals in history. The famous Welsh Revival in 1904 resulted in an estimated 100,000 people coming to Christ in six months. 

Roberts is known for praying, "Oh Lord, bend me." The second part of his prayer was, "Lord, bend the church, save the world." We live in a world that is desperate for saving, and God uses the church, who must be bent to be leveraged to save. 

I am always optimistic about the potential and power of the local church. I believe this to be true of ClearView. God working in us (bending us) is challenging, but let us continue to trust Him because we are His workmanship. Allow God to work on you and then watch Him work through you. 

Let me share with you three brief items this week:  

1) If you're looking to join a group, we will have Sunday morning, Wednesday night, and off-campus Group leaders in the atrium this coming Sunday for you to meet. This is a great opportunity for those who are looking to connect. Please take a moment this Sunday to stop by the Atrium and meet some of our amazing group leaders.

2) Leadership Book Club starts tomorrow morning at 6 AM. There is still time to sign up! For more info, go to

3) Will you take a moment this week and pray for Bridge City Church in Portland, OR? This is one of our church plant partnerships. Here is a quick snapshot of the city: Portland is a post-modern, non-Christian outpost. The beauty and promise of Portland contradict the dark spiritual shroud over the area with tolerance being touted as a virtue over truth. Spiritual oppression in the area is openly discernible. Pray for Portland, Bridge City Church, and Pastor Justin Martin. Learn more about our partnership by going to

Because of God's greatness and grace, 
Pastor Mark ​