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London Mission Team Update

London Update 2

When I arrived in London, I thought it was a big city where there wasn't much light or hope. So many Brits don't know about the life-changing Truth we've experienced. As I got to know the people, I discovered they are individuals with unique stories. They are people who want to belong to something. They desire community. They want to be loved and accepted. As we showed the love of the Father, we saw how close they are to wanting more than what their current life offers them. I believe that as we continue to bring these names before the Father, He will provide more opportunities for these conversations even when we are across The Pond.

At the close of Sports Camp, we had about 75 students. They brought vigor and life to the games. A girl who had her arm in a cast for most of the week won the All-Star Award. Throughout the week, she used her one available hand to dribble a basketball, throw a football and crawl backwards across the gym floor with a smile on her face! The incredible thing is that her mom is a recent believer. The Spirit is moving in this community. 

During a whiffle ball game, a friend prompted me to introduce myself to another neighbor who was watching her kids play the game. I got to hear her story. She teaches Special Needs Students at a local school and has a true love for those children. She came back from holiday (vacation) in time for her son to attend the last day of Sports Camp.

One of the moms of the kids in the Sports Camp invited the team to eat a Fish and Chips dinner in her bake shop. I ate a delicious Roasted Chicken and Chips (Steak Fries). The mom made a lovely fresh lemon cake that was simply exquisite. She and her family were so generous and kind to us. Even her kids and the neighbor friend helped serve dinner. Her daughter has been in my age group all week. This family is valuable to the community. 

When a few of us were walking in town, we saw one of our students on the street with his friend. The Father orchestrated for us to meet the boys' mom and I was able to continue the conversation with her on the final day of the camp. I saw the Father work first hand and it was awesome and overwhelming.

Last night as the team gathered for dinner, we were told that one of the high school guys who has been involved in Basketball Club became a believer! We were ecstatic to say the least and rejoiced with our new brother, welcoming him to the family!

Please continue to think of him and some of the other teenagers involved in his life. A few are close to knowing the Truth yet some are still resistant. This charismatic guy is well known and loved by so many students in his school. He is already a light and confident in his decision. Think of him as he is discipled by another believer. Ask the Father to give him courage and boldness so that the light will spread. 

London Update 1

London is incredible! We got to know the kids next door when they kept throwing a tennis ball over the fence. They asked us if we were Americans and repeated the word "Awesome" in our accents. 4 little faces peered over the fence and we told them about the upcoming sports camp. They haven't come yet, but they participate in afternoon games of Whiffle Ball and Kickball. Kids of all nationalities from all over the neighborhood come running to play these pickup games. 

We've completed two days of Sports Camp. We had 51 students ranging from 7 to 12 years old. The kids have so much energy. They are so athletic and their accents are "brilliant." I am in charge of 10-11 year olds and we rotate through American Sports: Football, Baseball and Basketball. They are coached through the fundamentals of each sport and participate in drills and exercises. The kids are more familiar with Basketball as many participate in a club during the year. The other sports are newer concepts as they are used to Futbol, Rugby and Cricket. 

I've learned several words during my stay in England. Bandaids are called "Plasters," Sun Screen is "Sun Cream" and you never tell a kid "Good Job." Instead, you say: "Well Done." If he misses a shot, you say "Unlucky." The students educate us and are friendly and inquisitive.

The Father is so faithful. We are excited about what He is doing here. Thank you for thinking of us!