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Liberty Elementary Block Party

One of our BKC's recently hosted a block party at Liberty Elementary.  Over 50 moms, dads and kids attended from all over the surrounding community.  This block party was a kickoff to the BackYard Kids Club that was hosted at that location.  

Several local businesses made donations to help make this possible.  

Many thanks to the generosity of: 

Publix-Moores Lane-6 Cases of 24 count waters- Store Manager-Mandy

Publix-96W Franklin- 6 Cases of 24 count waters -Store Manager-Joe Zarcone

Krispy Kreme-5 dozen doughnuts-Manager Virginia Wren

Sonic-Mallory Lane- 60 hotdogs GM- Clint Paige

Sonic-96W-40 hotdogs- GM Mark

4 6ft. T posts for Signs-Home Depot-Brentwood

Chickfila-Cool Springs-200 ice cream coupons and bags-Rebekah Tate

The block party and the BKC that happened were a great success!  We look forward to growing it next year.