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Legacy and Leadership Conference

“Integrity and Compassion: two necessary characteristics of a great leader” — Bobby Bowden, Hall of Fame College Football Coach

In a world where it’s emasculating to show compassion and it’s easier to be a different person behind closed doors, it was refreshing to see and hear high profile men speak about how to be a great leader.  

Last Friday, 27 students/dads attended the Legacy and Leadership Conference at Belmont’s Curb Center. Throughout the event we got to hear a panel that consisted of Bobby and Tommy Bowden and Mark and David Richt as well as a former NFL star, a navy seal turned traveling evangelist, and a local high school coach. We sat and listened to them speak on leadership and the importance of leaving a legacy! To sit with 27 students/fathers and soak up these leadership nuggets of wisdom was a treat.  

In the first segment, the Bowdens and Richts gave their testimonies and talked about lessons of leadership learned in the home as well as what it means to leave a legacy. Tommy Bowden spoke of 5 areas his dad exemplified leadership: commitment, accountability, respect, discipline, and sacrifice. He learned these from his dad through the years. Mark Richt also spoke on how he came to faith through and urging of Coach Bobby Bowden while he was a graduate assistant under him.

From characteristics of a leader to overcoming disappointments and bitterness, these leaders spoke humbly about how God has taught them and kept them along the way.

Written By: Nathan McDivitt