News and Updates

June 2018 Haiti Team Updates

Friday Update:

Today was beach day and boat rides. It was a fun way to end the week. Everyone is coming home with a full heart. It has been so great seeing the majority of our team experience Haiti for the first time. Make sure you ask them about their trip. Pray for safe travels home tomorrow. 

Thursday Update:

Today was Comminity Cooking day. Our team was able to learn how to cook four different foods: fried, rice and sauce, peanut butter and dessert. The ladies were all so welcoming and excited to teach us. We finished our last day of splash camp which was really fun. Cathey trained some of the physical therapist today and was awesome. They loved her! It’s hard to believe we only have one day left.  

Wednesday Update:

We are half way through our trip. Everyone was moving a little slower today. We’ve had a busy day. Some of us did Bingo 46:4, the elderly program, some helped clean the new therapy space and some did construction. This afternoon we all divided up again to help with splash camp, making tutus for graduation and finishing up a construction project. Thank you for continuing to pray for us while we are here serving. 

Tuesday Update:

Today was Community Day. Our team divided up and went to two houses. We all loved how the people opened up their homes and let us be a part of their daily life. One lady asked if there was a pastor in the group and there was. She told him she was going to think about what she wanted him to pray and would ask him at the end. When they finished washing the laundry she asked him to pray for God to give her wisdom and to dwell in the house of God forever. The team said it was a beautiful moment. 

This afternoon we helped with Splash Camp which the kids are loving. 

Everyone is adjusting well and having a good time. Pray for good rest at night and the engergy we need to make each day great!

Monday Update: Today started with Mother’s Day Out and some construction. We had a great time loving on babies and toddlers. The construction crew put up screeens. After lunch we had Day 1 of splash camp. The kids loved it and our team had a great time helping and playing with the kids. 

Tonight we got to be a part of the ground breaking ceremony at the new land. It was an amazing time of prayer for what God has already done and what He is going to continue to do at My Life Speaks. 

Sunday Update: Today was a great, HOT day! Our team loved helping with children’s church and then worshiping together. We sorted supplies and then took a tour of the village. We all enjoyed watching the kids, Haitian and America, play soccer and just hangout together. The teams overall first impression has been that they are amazed at the sense of community they have here. 

Saturday Update: We’ve had a long day of travel and are ready to be in Neply. As soon as the other team arrives we will head to the village. After a yummy spaghetti dinner we will have our first meeting and then get ready for bed. We are all tired. but happy to be here.