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July 2018 NOLA Team Updates

Day 5

We started our morning like most mornings, with donuts from Tastee. After breakfast we headed to Metairie Church to help serve them by cleaning up the main sanctuary and childcare rooms while some of us went to help prepare the snowball trailer to serve at The Bellemont apartments before Backyard Kids Club.

We had our best turn out for BKC after the snowballs. It was really hard to say goodbye to some of these sweet kids that we had the opportunity to love on these awesome children. Most of us could agree that the hardest part of the week was having to tell the kids that today was the last day when they asked if we would be back tomorrow.

After BKC we headed to do a resident appreciation event at the The Local on Severn apartments. We had the opportunity to talk with some of The families and people in the complex about Metairie Church. We didn’t know what to expect going in, but we made some very important and powerful connections. At the end of the day we were pretty exhausted so we ordered pizza to the hotel and debriefed our day by the pool before turning in for the night.

Gibbs Bedenbaugh and the NOLA team

Day 4

We started our morning like every other morning: by going to Tastee Donuts. After our breakfast, we prayed and prepared our hearts for our morning service project. Today, we did something different. We popped on our latex gloves and picked up trash around the apartments that the BKC is located at. We ran into quite a few people that thanked us for what we were doing which was very inspiring and encouraging to us because we realized that doing things as little as picking up trash can glorify God and spread His love.

After doing this for a couple of hours, we headed to lunch at The Big Cheezy. After our lunch stop, we headed back to the apartments to prepare for today's BKC. With the extra little bit of preparation time we had before it started, some of us stayed in the courtyard of the apartments to set up while a few of my teammates and I went door to door once again to give out some last minute invitations and to let more people know about what we are doing here. This was very successful as we saw many new faces at BKC today!!

Going around and just simply talking to people is also very encouraging to us. One lady stopped my teammates and I and recognized us as the "Christian Church" people, and she thanked us for what we are doing to help around their community. This reminds us that despite how hot it gets outside, we are definitely spreading the love of Christ and having an impact on this city and the people in it.

BKC itself went great today!! We had a lot more kids than we had yesterday, and a lot more of them got involved in the activities. It was so much fun getting to dance, sing, make crafts, play games, and listen to a Bible Story with these sweet children.

After BKC, we went to a different set of apartments to tape flyers on doors. These flyers are advertising the sno-ball event that Metairie Church is hosting for the community tomorrow. We are hoping that many people from around the community come to join us and that we are able to once again share the love of Christ through something so little as sno-balls.

We closed out our day by eating dinner at Chef Ron's Gumbo Shop and then getting sno-balls ourselves. We were all so excited to eat at Chef Ron's because we love getting to experience the culture while we are here. Please continue to pray for our team as we finish out our last day of BKC tomorrow. Pray that God works through us and gives us the right words to say to these children, their parents, and ultimately everyone in the community.

Sloane Sellers and the NOLA team

Day 3

The day started off with a trip to krispy kreme. While we were there, we ordered ten dozen donuts. These donuts were to go to the managers of rental outlets for apartments. The church is really trying to expand their community by hosting events in apartment complexes. Our goal is to show we are a family and let others know we want to expand that family.

After delivering these, we took groups of two or three and went and knocked on doors, advertising for the BKC we are doing. A specific moment that really stood out to me was an older man by the name of Clarence. He opened the door and we immediately knew there were health issues present. He went on to tell us about how “he didn’t feel good”. Clarence told us about his breathing problems and other health issues. As soon as he said this, we immediately prayed for him. He thanked us and was very appreciative for us thinking of him.

Next we went on to eat lunch at French Press. We definitely overwhelmed the grumpy staff with our mass amount of people. Fortunately, we all got our food. Next we went on to start the BKC, and it was very discouraging at first. We actually had only one girl show up and it was very awkward. We waited and waited but no other kids would show and we were all very confused. About an hour into us only have one kid at our bkc, we encouraged 4 or 5 kids to join. We wrapped the bkc up with a very quick version of it and established relationships with family’s. It was extremely encouraging to see how the Lord delivered.

Following the bkc, we enjoyed a lovely dinner at the Cheesecake factory. We were all stuffed and felt like we had to be rolled out of the restaurant. We then had down time until bed and went to the pool. It was a wonderful day and the Lord gave us hope when it was gone.

Megan Kaperak and the NOLA team

Day 2

On day 2 we left FBC Covington and made the way down to Metairie Church for the Sunday service and to meet with Matt Tipton and his family. That morning Matt dove into the book of Joshua and discussed how the church is a refuge for all people. The worship, lead by pastor Augustine was wonderful. That Sunday morning set a fire in all our hearts as we began our work in New Orleans. 

After church we grabbed lunch with Matt and then had orientation with him. He gave us a backstory on the history of what God has done in New Orleans the past few years and we discussed and then prayed over what we will be doing this week. 

Shortly after, we located all of the offices of the apartment complexes so we could bring them doughnuts the next day, it was all about making connections and reaching out. Afterwards we started going door to door. A lot of of us were nervous about doing this but it ended up being a huge success! A good number of people said they would bring their kids to BKC but not everyone gave us the answer we were looking for but that is what we expected. It was an amazing experience and we are looking to finish doing door to door in the morning after we get the doughnuts for the leasing offices.

It was an amazing day!

Ben Cruz and the NOLA team 

Day 1

We are off! 

Our first day of our New Orleans missions trip has been fantastic! The team of 13 left ClearView around 5:50 AM on Saturday as we began the trip to Covington, LA where we would spend our first night. The drive was a breeze for Brian Koelsch as we quickly made our way down through Alabama and Mississippi and eventually arrived in Covington around 3:30. 

For our first night we stayed in the youth ministry building of FBC Covington, as all the hotels on New Orleans were full for a festival. We had a great team dinner and prepared everything we needed for the week as we will be leading a BKC site at an apartment complex for most of the week. The majority of our time will be spent at this apartment complex where we will be partnering with Hope church in Metairie, doing prayer canvassing, facilities clean up, and the BKC for the week. 

This morning, Sunday, we will leave FBC Covington and head to Hope church where we will worship with them, have lunch with them, and begin our door to door ministry Sunday afternoon! Please be praying for safe weather and cool temperatures as we will be outside for most of the week. 

Thank you for all the prayers and support! 

Trevor Goehring and the NOLA team