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July 2018 New York City Team Updates

Day 7

Today we are headed back to Nashville after a very fast and full week of serving at Graffiti 2 in South Bronx. We had 55 campers on Friday. Tommy Campsey shared his moving testimony with the campers about how God changed his life from just “playing church” to becoming involved in many areas of his life through the church. The kids were very quiet and listened to every word that Tommy shared.  

The work going on with the staff in this outreach is really beyond what we see but we do see the fruits of their labor, long term. During the debriefing, Andrew, Josh and Kerri all mentioned how Clearview is one of the longest and most committed churches to work and support this ministry. They also commented how blessed they are and what it means to them and how it encourages them for Clearview to be there and serve with them.

Josh said to me that sometimes it becomes overwhelming but they have to keep going forward. Sometimes it takes a long time to make the difference and they can’t give up. Through the years of going to South Bronx I have seen how this ministry makes a difference and is an asset to this community. We must continue to pray and support Graffiti 2. God is at work and we have to continue to follow His lead in service. Graffiti is a little oasis in the middle of chaos and a beacon for The Lord. 

Libby Feldman Brodie, Kaye Gardner’s sister

Day 6

ClearView baseball mission team started with a beautiful morning, rain overnight made today perfect for the campers and our team at St. Mary’s Park. The weather today was an answer to many prayers!

We had 42 today at baseball camp, our team and summer interns are really doing an amazing job working with the campers. We are not only ministering to the campers but also the summer interns . Each day the Bible story has been centered around the Birth of Christ-today they read it out of the “Action Bible” and gathered into groups with their coaches and asked reflection questions. A summer intern was helping with the Bible story during camp and was very intrigued with the stories of the “action bible”. After the camp she asked if she could continue reading it at home this evening. 

Our kitchen crew has kept us well fed with delicious sandwiches after camp each morning. Lunchtime has been a wonderful fellowship time with each other and members of Graffiti2!

Summer “ketchup” lab- catch up on your math and reading skills. The afternoon tutoring consisted of middle school to high school students coming to receive one on one tutoring with our team today. This is the first week of this program-two students attended. Josh has put together a notebook for each child based on their needs. Today, we started with Fry sight words. We are helping identifying level of mastery and helping close the gap in reading and enhance math skills through games and repetition.

Our construction guys have completed securing the fans in the worship center to the walls, busting out a concrete wall to put in a window for apartment, fixed the drain on patio area. Tomorrow they will be leveling out the patio low spots and repairing the fence area.

Written by: Kim Gardner Stinson

Day 5

Day five in NYC started of with a wonderful cool sunshine morning for a 6 block walk to St Mary’s Park.

We had an increase of 14 more for baseball camp to bring our total to 47 registered. Our team is working well with the campers and the student helpers.

Each morning after camp we debriefed about what we learned, what we heard and how we were able to teach the campers about treating others and working together.

The afternoon saw 6 children come for individual tutoring in reading and math skills. This is a new ministry that we are experiencing for “summer in the Bronx.”

Our construction guys have completed two safety rails, a gate and a storage container.

Tomorrow they will install a new window, level out a section of the concrete play area and build a ramp into the storage building.

Continue to pray for good weather and open hearts as begin to talk about salvation with the campers.

Written by: John Gardner

Day 4

It was an early morning for most of the team today for our first day of baseball camp. The group headed out at 7:30 am. After a brief coaches meeting they were off to the fields to meet the campers. It was a great morning learning baseball skills, playing water games, and Bible study which introduced everyone in the group to Jesus.

In addition to the Mott Haven kids, there are about 15-20 local teens who have been hired by Graffiti 2 to help all summer with their camps. These kids are not necessarily Christians. It is so wonderful that Graffiti 2 will be teaching the Good News to the campers weekly and also to these teens.

The most significant thing I observed today was the cooperation, laughter, comraderie and bonding among the Graffiti 2 teens and with our Clearview members.

While waiting for the afternoon tutoring session to begin, I visited with Maria. Maria is one of the members at G2. She has such an amazing testimony of God's peace and healing. It was a true blessing to get to spend part of the afternoon with her.

Written by: Tammi Ogle

Day 3

Monday morning was clear and cool!  We spent our morning prepping for the first week of camp.  Andrew Mann is the leader for Graffiti 2 Ministries.  He is so well connected and in focus with his community at Mott Haven.  It shows in every thing he does. 

Graffiti 2 is well connected with the city and has about 20ish youth summer workers working with us as well.  We are planning to minister to the workers as well as the 50-75 campers attending the G2CM sports camp tomorrow.  Not all these workers know Christ.  This camp serves a dual purpose; to minister to the campers as well as the workers. These workers are grateful for the job and are ready to work hard.  These youth workers are here  not just for this week, but also for all the future camps in the weeks ahead. 

We ate lunch behind the church as a group.  After lunch we learned how to greet, motivate, educate, and lead with the needs of the campers attending this week... baseball!  These campers will be loved on and encouraged by our team.  

The Jameson family has an athletic background in swimming , but we are stepping out in faith to work a baseball camp which will be a learning curve for all of us. 

We ended our time at Graffiti 2 with a prayer walk through the neighborhood.  Jax (9) and I followed our youth workers through the neighborhood to the park where we will have camp.  While walking, we prayed silently, got to know each other, and passed out flyers to attend this special sports camp. 

This is our first mission trip as a family.  Isaac  was on a separate walk.  Gary was helping Mark and Taylor build a secure container for garbage cans.  It was so fun to watch Jax walk right up to kids and adults and hand out flyers.  Isaiah ll:6 came to mind watching Jax pass out the flyers with the youth workers.

The evening outing to the NY Mets/ Phillies game was entertaining and fun. We are thankful to be on this trip.  God's hand is in all the details. We pray for safety and cool weather.   We look forward to see God at work this week. 

Written by: Leigh Jameson

 Day 1 & 2

The  ClearView NYC mission team left the church at 8:30 Saturday morning and made it it through the check in process in record time ( left at 8:30 and completed the check in process by 9:15!).We arrived on time and and checked in the hotel by 2:45pm.

After getting things put into place, the team scatter to all points south, east and west to get aquatinted with their surroundings.

Sunday morning we all gather after breakfast and had a Bible study using the daily prayer journal that the team had been working on since June 25. We spent time reviewing the purpose of the mission trip as outlined in Luke 10:16 “Jesus says that we are to share the gospel and it is the person who hears the gospel responsibility to accept or reject the gospel; however, if they reject the gospel they are rejecting God’s gift of his Son-Jesus”

We then looked at how Ephesians 6: 10-18 would help us this week as we were working in the baseball camp and tutoring by trusting His Word as the armor that would help us throughout the week.

After our prayer for the week- health for the team and for good weather the group made plans for the rest of the day and to get back at Graffiti 2 for their weekly worship service.

Their praise team lead the first part of the service and their Pastor Andrew Mann introduced us the theme for the week, “Revolutionized Revolutionaries: Change Your World by  Being Changed”

The theme scripture is Titus 2:14-“He gave his life to free us from every kind of sin, to cleanse us, and to make us his very own people, totally committed to doing good deeds”.

He then gave an example of how a life can be changed  using the story of Zacchaeus.

After a time of prayer for the week we were dismissed and the team returned the hotel to get ready for Day 3- a day of orientation and trading.

We are off to a great start with the weather just perfect and we trust it will stay that way through the entire week!

Written by: Kaye Gardner