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Haiti November 2016 Trip Updates

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Friday Update

The day of rest, recap, and contentment. We started off the day with a trip to a beautiful beach about an hour away from Neply. With mountains lining the pristine coast line, there is not much more that captures so much of God's beauty. We were given the time to relax and play at the beach to end our busy week.

After staying for a few hours, we made it back to Neply just in time to catch the end of feeding program. Personally, this is my absolute favorite program to participate in and greatly look forward to seeing all of the kids I've grown so close to each day here. As the feeding program came to a close, it was time to say some goodbyes. Sadly, these never get any easier but it is so exciting to be able to tell the kids how important and loved they are and when you will soon see them again. We were given a bit of free time after dinner to prepare for what was to happen after.

After dinner, we all filed outside to join with our families for the week for a time of worship. It was so incredible to stand with a group of people that were once strangers to us and have now became our family. Whether the songs were in English or Creole, you could hear and feel the presence of the Lord circulating through the village. In one song we sang: "the demons run and flee, at the mention of your name King of Majesty! There is no power in hell or any who can stand before the power and the presence of the Great I Am."  These lines have become so familiar singing them over time, but to be able to sing them in a place where the devil is active and working against our God through voodoo was overwhelmingly powerful.

As worship ended, more goodbyes were also due as we had grown so close to our friends and family in the village.  Neply, you and your people hold such a special place in my heart. This week I have had the privilege and the blessing to work along side a group of Haitians that I normally would not have spent much time with and I honestly would not have had it any other way. I have learned so much from serving with, playing with, and studying the Bible with the myLifespeaks staff. I have built many new relationships along with strengthening many other relationships with people that I have know for longer. From walking down a street and hearing my name called from every which direction, to being called a "mama blanc" by kids I love as my own, to hearing the Haitians testimonies, to singing praise to our God in Creole, to being filled with complete peace and contentment, to experiencing and encountering our God in ways I never have before, this week is a week I will never forget.

Written by Abby Gleason

Thursday Update

Today was the quietest day in terms of scheduled events but the most impactful day in terms of what God accomplished. During the day there were three big events which all fall within the most memorable moments of the week. 

The first of the big events was a trip to pray for the construction of MyLifeSpeaks's new campus. MyLifeSpeaks (the organization who we have partnered with for this trip) has outgrown its current campus and has purchased land to build a new campus and expand its ministry. We walked with our Hatian "teammates" to the land which was located just outside the village and currently occupied by a group of grazing cattle. It was a moving sight to see our group of Hatians and Americans united in prayer for the future of this site. 

The second great happening of the day was the baptism of one of the American companions herein referred to by his nickname "G-Money". G-Money had made the decision to accept Christ earlier that morning during bible study and was baptized later that day at the seashore nearby the village in front of a small crowd. It was extremely powerful to see this public declaration of faith from a young man and it was a great illustration of our objective for the week.

The final big event for the day was the group thanksgiving meal on MyLifeSpeaks's campus. The entire staff of MyLifeSpeaks joined the Americans currently visiting to form a group of over 120 people. The meal was well prepared and it was good to spend time with the people we have bonded with over the past week.

Overall the day was very pleasant but overshadowed by the knowledge that our trip was coming to a close. We only have one more  full day left in Hati and we are thinking more and more about the people we will miss.

Written by Jackson Smith

Wednesday Update

What a privilege to be in Neply. I am working with a pediatrician from Texas. We go to the clinic each morning for about 4 - 4.5 hours. Occasionally they "sneak" a few extra in, at the end of our hours! But we don't mind seeing them.

Medical care is very basic compared to America, but it still helps the sick. I am grateful for the Haitian nurse practitioner and her staff. They have a pharmacy, a treatment room, and the clinic room, where we work. The treatment room has 3 beds, which are usually full. They usually do IV treatment in that room.

There is a large amount skin/scalp rashes, upper respiratory infections, fever, and vomiting. Some people have been rather ill, like hepatitis and dehydration.

God is working, in Neply, one person at a time. So grateful for the Word of God being spread throughout Haiti.

Written by Debbie Jackson

Tuesday Update

What a powerful time we are having during I Love Neply week. This morning we had bible study in small groups with a mix of Haitian 's and Americans. It is such a special time to share God's word together. We are focusing on truth and freedom in Christ and what that means in our lives. Pray for the people of Neply as some struggle to understand what it means to be truly free.

We spent the rest of the morning doing projects throughout the village. We picked up trash, cleared fields, painted at the clinic, helped with childcare, washed clothes, etc. The work is very hard - especially in the heat - but more rewarding than one can express.

In the afternoon we had some fun time doing a scavenger hunt on teams throughout the village. Again- a great way to connect with the people of Neply. We also served in the feeding program and helped in the clinic.

Each evening we spend time in worship together and Mike Wilson leads us in a time in the Word.

God is at work this week. Thank you for your prayers. We want to continue to share the Gospel message and serve these people. John 8:32 - You shall know the TRUTH and the TRUTH will set you FREE!

Written by Stephanie Johnston

Monday Update

We had a great first team day for I Love Neply week. We divided into teams of Americans and Haitian workers from My Life Speaks where we will do team building, small group studies, service projects and games.  It has been a rewarding day for the group from ClearView as Debbie worked in the clinic and all others served the community of Neply performing trash pickup, painting, clean out of storage rooms and praying for others. We can't deny the power of Satan and Voodoo culture since several teams were turned away for trying to pray and help in the community. We serve a great God and He handled the situation.  Leaders  from the community came to visit My Life Speaks to encourage teams to return.

Some of our highlights have been loving the kids and bonding with the Haitians and staff.

Our topic for the week is Truth and our verse is  John 8:32  For you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.

Praying for all of us to know God's truth and the freedom it brings.

Written by Ruth Smith

Sunday Update

Thanks for all the prayers for safe travel; we made it here with no issues.  Sunday in Neply was a great day. We were all exhausted from Saturday travel so the night of rest was just what was needed.  

The day started with leading children's worship.  Shannon taught the story of Ruth. We all helped with crafts, games, and singing. The main worship service included the first time Mike Wilson has ever held The Lord's Supper here. There are many false teachings about communion. Mike emphasized our sinfulness and how we all need to be reminded of what Jesus  ("Jezi") has done for us. Stephanie and Debbie helped prepare the bread and juice. It was a worshipful time. 

The afternoon included unpacking our supplies, a tour of the village, and some American football. It was a great day of being with the people of Neply. 

Thank you for your continued prayers. We love you all. 

Written by John Johnston