News and Updates

Haiti myLIFEspeaks Mission Team

ClearView has two teams currently working with Haiti. One team is working with #LiveBeyond (read their updates here), and one team with myLIFEspeaks. Below are the myLIFEspeaks team updates.

Day 5 

This morning we went to a different part of the village and played bingo and colored with elderly people. It was awesome! After lunch we had day four of VBS. After VBS about half of the team went on boat rides out in the ocean. The rest went back to our house and hung out until dinner. Tonight was another great Haitian meal, but this meal everything was fried. It appears to be trying to rain. Please pray for rain for the village. They haven't had rain in several weeks and the water levels are getting very low. 

Day 4

Today we helped paint and replace window screens at campus 2. This is where two different house families live. Each of these families have at least 5 children of special needs and normal development. After lunch we had day three of VBS. tonight we had an awesome Haitian meal of rice, black bean sauce, a mixture of 15 vegetables, and fresh passion fruit juice. Tonight we are going to watch the sunset over the sugarcane field and then have worship and debrief.

Day 3

Today we had community day in the morning. We washed a lady's clothes by hand. Blisters and sore arms. After lunch we did VBS for about 75 kids. We went immediately from there back to MLS to work with the feeding program. They feed 150 kids every day. After that they feed 35-55 more kids that are too old for the program or are stray resteveks. We're about to eat dinner and then are going to watch the village soccer team play in a neighboring village. Long, tiring, but great day.

Day 2

The morning starts with breakfast. After breakfast we have prayer with the whole group. Then there are projects for each team. Our project in the morning was prepping for VBS. We will have four days of VBS for approx 200 kids. The afternoon project was VBS. After VBS we had a little down time before dinner and then debrief.

Day 1

We had children's worship. There were five stations: bible story, snack, music, craft, and games. The we had worship under a mango tree and an almond tree. After that we did a tour of the village. There is a church and the beach about a mile away. We had a little down time. After that we had dinner and debrief. There is worship that goes along with debrief.