News and Updates

Haiti LiveBeyond Mission Team

This week ClearView has two teams working in Haiti: one is working with myLIFEspeaks (read there updates here) and one with #LiveBeyond. These updates are from the #LiveBeyond team.

Day 5

We continued working at the clinic today, resulting in many more healed and blessed individuals by the efforts of the team and God Himself. We ask for prayers regarding the people of this nation and travel as our team goes home to the states.  

Day 4

Today was another day of effective clinic work. As we continued the work in the different departments (maternal health, child care, scabies, etc)., more and more were healed and prayed over/received food and shoes in Jesus' name. We finished the day and saw more at risk people who need prayer and provisions. We ask that ClearView continues to pray for effectiveness on this mission field and the health and provisions of its people.

Day 3

Yet another church service lead by locals today.  Today the team began the clinic with a boom.  People upon people passed through the doorways and received treatment for anything from scabies to deep wounds, and left with food and prayers on the way out.  

Gods work is clearly being done in this country through this program.  Later in the day we visited some of the patients and other locals in "at risk" unhealthy situations at their homes.  Communities treat many of their people (namely women and those with disabilities) as animals.  As we continue to reach out to people, the need for prayer and resources in this area is overwhelming obvious.  

Day 2

The adventures and blessings continued today as our team began to gain insight of how this trip will flesh out. The day began with a beautiful church service lead by the locals. We packed bags of food as well as received medical training later in the day. We ended the day with the eye-opening hike of a lifetime. On this hike, we saw voodoo practice sites and severely malnourished individuals.

It has been made very apparent to us - they need our prayers. Prayer requests: young pregnant and abused women, Sheila (extremely sick teen), health of team, team's effectiveness. Praises: weather and how welcoming the people are. 

Day 1

As the first day in Haiti is coming to a close, our team is anxiously awaiting a week full of His effective work. Today was a full day of various modes of travel (planes, buses, you name it). But the long journey was made beyond worth it when we were greeted at the compound by the voices of dozens of the village children singing upon our arrival. This week is bound to be full of hard, trying, ordained work, and after catching a glimpse of what is to come, we could not be more excited. 

Prayer requests: health, saftey, open hearts of team and Haitians, effective hard work and weather. Praises: safe travel thus far for the large team and health.