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Haiti and My Life Speaks - 2016 Update

For the past 12 months, ClearView has partnered with myLIFEspeaks in Neply, Haiti. This Christ-centered organization is led by Mike and Missy Wilson. Mike is a former Student Pastor at ClearView. Over the past year, ClearView has sent four teams (47 people total) to Neply, and two more trips are scheduled for 2016. 

The average Haitian lives on $1.23 US a day. Our teams have seen this poverty firsthand. They've also seen the outstanding work myLIFEspeaks does in Jesus' name. They work mainly in 3 areas: Orphan Care and Prevention, Education, and Public Health. Most of the children they serve have special needs. They place these children into loving homes called “Campus Homes” where special needs children are raised by two Haitian house parents alongside typically developing children. They are fed, clothed, educated, and taught about Jesus and His love for them. 

To date, we haven't provided any direct financial support to MLS. Recently, we had an opportunity as a church to assist them financially. All government hospitals in Haiti have shut down. There have been people dying in the streets, unable to get any medical care. The clinic at myLIFEspeaks is seeing hundreds of patients every week.  

Here is an excerpt written by Missy Wilson from May 17th of this year:

So, what happens to the children in the abandoned unit of a hospital when it shuts down? We found out yesterday. When we arrived at the hospital, security guards unlocked the main gate and we drove into the parking lot. Then they escorted us to an entrance where they unlocked several padlocks and showed us inside. Inside, there were two cribs with a child in each one. NO ONE else was there. NO ONE. These children were left abandoned and alone for weeks with people only visiting them occasionally. And these were not just any children. The baby boy is a preemie, needing extraordinary care and nurturing just to survive. The little girl has special needs and is three years old. Old enough to know she’d been left. We went to just visit. We went to see if just one little girl would be a good fit for one of our orphan care families. We left with both of them…heading towards their new FAMILY.

The addition of these two very young children has depleted their Orphan Care and Prevention funds. The missions committee voted unanimously to assist myLIFEspeaks. Through use of the Impact Fund, we were able as a church to come alongside and support this very worthy organization and these two beautiful children! We've provided enough support for these two children for the next 12 months. 

"Provide justice for the needy and the fatherless; uphold the rights of the oppressed and the destitute." Psalms 82:3

God is so faithful!

For more information on myLIFEspeaks and their mission, visit: ‪