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Grieving - Mass Shooting in Orlando

Church Family, 

Yesterday afternoon, I learned about the shooting in Orlando, Florida. I am devastated and mourning over this tragic event... I know you are too. It is hard to believe that the news is calling it the worst mass shooting in American history. 

I read an article today that I want to share with you. When I think and pray over this tragedy, especially in light of our country’s social, political, and cultural climate, it leads me to pray and fast even more for the coming days. 

One of the comments in the article reminded me of how much the world has changed: "When we’re accustomed to seeing news in real time on our television screens and on our phones, it is sometimes easy to forget that the news we are viewing is real. At least fifty people—created in the image of God—were slaughtered in cold blood. Families who were waiting to see their loved ones are finding out today that they will never see them again in this life. That ought to drive us to mourn." Click here to read the article.   

Please join me in praying for the city of Orlando and the families of those who lost loved ones. Pray for our gay and lesbian neighbors and demonstrate the sacrificial love of Jesus to them. Pray for our leaders and governing authorities. 

Let's remind ourselves and our neighbors that this is not the way it is supposed to be. As Russell Moore said, “We mourn, but we mourn in the hope of a kingdom where blood is not shed and where bullets never fly." 

Pastor Mark