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Fuge 2017 Updates

Sunday June 25th

Another awesome day at camp, and it was our final full day at camp.  Our recreation concluded with an EPIC MEGA RELAY that your students competed in against all the other campers. Even your adults got in on the relay action! This is one of the students' favorite parts of camp.

Today's lesson was on reconciliation and how our sin separates us from God, but Jesus' death allows us a way to be made right before God. Our students looked at David's struggle with lust and pride in his affair with Bathsheba and the killing of her husband Uriah (2 Samuel 11:2-5, 14-15; 12:1-10, 13-14, 20).  The students unpacked how David's poor decisions led to God's discipline AND how it led to the development of his character.  They were reminded of the hope we have in Christ in spite of our bad decisions.

Our worship was all centered on the power of the NAME of Jesus. We sang about the victory we have in the name of Jesus and read about how Jeuss taught us to pray. We aren't to pray like the hypocrites who stand on street corners only to be seen as righteous or like those who babble hoping they'll be heard for their many words. Both are void of a relationship with Jesus and fail to recognize that his name MATTERS. We then unpacked the Lord's prayer that Jesus modeled for us. It was amazing to how different parts of the Lord's prayer stood out to our students. For some it was the power in His name, for others it was the standard of forgiveness modeled by God, and others it was the deliverance from temptation. We finished the night by praying the Lord's Prayer line by line, making the words on the page come to life in our prayers. 

It was an amazing conclusion to an incredible week. We had students respond to the Lord's love for the first time. We had students who made a decision to quit trying to be the ruler of their kingdom, and let God be LORD in their lives. Relationships were strengthened as our students began to understand the impact of a community centered on Christ. More than all, God was glorified and his name was made great for our students. Many of our students said they'd never felt the Holy Spirit so alive in their lives. It was another amazing week of camp and we're glad to bring what we've learned and experienced back to Clearview.

Click here to see pictures from our final day at Camp

Saturday June 24th

Second full day of camp is over it was incredible. The Lord is moving in the lives of your students and I'm so excited for you to hear how He's challenging them and stretching them.  The theme yesterday was Point of Truth and your students read the story David and Saul in 1 Samuel 24:1-15. They were asked how they make choices based on God's truth when other choices seem justifiable.  Students were challenged to discern what is justifiable and what is God's truth.  They talked about how to make lasting Christ-like decisions concerning what is right and what is easy.

"On that day, many will say to me, 'Lord, Lord, didn't we prophesy in your name, rive out demons in your name, and do many miracles in your name?' Then I will announce to them I never knew you." Matthew 7:22-23

In worship, Chad talked about the importance of our foundation. He used the verses above as an introduction into a discussion about our foundation. He used Matthew 7:24-29 to show us that a FIRM foundation runs deep, a FAULTY foundation runs shallow, and a FAKE foundation runs out. Many people think they are Christians because they know many bible stories, go to church 3 times a week, and will go on mission trips all over the globe but they don't have a relationship with Jesus. Their foundation isn't on the Cornerstone. Instead, it's on their works.  Chad challenged us to evaluate our lives: our life doesn't reflect Jesus as Lord, then we don't know him as our Savior.  We must respond to Jesus as Lord if we clain to know him as Savior.

To conclude worship, Chad encouraged students who were going through a difficult time to stand up while others around them read them an encouraging verse that is their firm foundation. It was a beautiful portrait of the church lifting each other up. We continued this exercise in Church Group Devotion as our students broke up into small groups and shared where they were struggling and falling short in thier pursuit of Christ while the rest of their small group then prayed for them. It was such an incredible night of worship all around.

Click here for pictures from Day 2.

Friday June 23rd

First Full day of camp is over and what an amazing start to the week we had! Our group spent the morning in Recreation where they did activities and games that had purposes and pointed them to the theme of the week, Convergence: Two Paths, Choose One. In their bible study groups, they read the familiar story of David and Goliath. They learned that in order to have holy discernment you must first have a relationship with God. The relationship is the foundation of David's trust and reliance on the Lord.  His trust in the Lord led him to fight a giant twice his size because he knew the Lord would deliver him.  In the afternoon, our students participated in two different track times that they signed up for.

Our worship last was an incredible experience.  It's amazing how engaged in worship a group of students and adults can get when you take them out of the normal, everyday activities.  Chad Poe, our pastor, told the story of Abraham and Isaac in Genesis and then read Revelation 5 to close. He told us that the reason we worship is because a price has been paid for us by Jesus. Our hope is in the person of Christ, yet we act like our hope rests on the results of our actions. While reading Revelation 5, we saw that no one was worthy to open the scroll. Not Abraham. Not David. Not Paul. Not Peter. Not Billy Graham. There was only one who was worthy, Christ. 

After worship we spent some time debriefing as a church. It was special hearing so many of our students talk about the worship experience where they felt God's presence in a way they've never felt. Even our 6th Graders talked about how they felt God's precence in the worship center while we sang and read God's Word. We also spent some time discussing how we've seen God's faithfunless played out in our lives.  Overall, it was an amazing Day 1 and we look forward to seeing how God will move today in the lives of your students.

Here are ways you can pray specifically today:

  • Pray for God to save students and to transform their lives. I talked with a handful of students about how God was moving in their lives, both non-believers and those who God is stretching and pruning. Pray that God would invade their hearts today and that they would be filled with courage to respond to His calling.
  • Pray for health of our students. We've had a couple who are battling upset stomachs and headaches. I believe that Satan feels threatened and is working to distract our students from what God is doing in them. 

Click here to see some pictures from the day, more to come tonight.

Thursday June 22nd

Today had an early start, but we made it to Ridgecrest and got settled in before the Opening Celebration.  This week's theme is Convergence. We're all on a journey where we find ourselves at a crossroads where the truth and an imitation converge and we have to choose one path.  This week we'll be looking at the life of David and honing in on moments in his life where he had to choose truth or something masking as truth.  

We're excited to see how the Lord moves in the lives of your students.  Join us in praying for them in these specific ways:

  • ​Pray for spiritual encounters for our students - that God would invade their lives and make sitting back uncomfortable and restless with having a stagnant spiritual life.
  • Pray for spirutial transformation - that lost students to meet the love of Jesus and be changed and that those who already in Christ would be challenged to live unashamed for him.

Looking forward to a great week!