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Former RITI Guest Gets Housing

Great news!  Our very good friend Gwen Johnson has found and apartment and will be moving February 5.  It is an efficiency house, a new 8-bedroom house, in which the tenants will share a kitchen and laundry area.  Each renter will have their own bedroom, living area and bathroom.  When visiting with Gwen these are the type of things she identified as needs for her new place.  She thinks a daybed will be best that way as it can double as her sofa as well.  Here are some other suggestions (note she has very little space):


TV stand for flat screen (her brother has a TV for her)

Stand up dresser

Small microwave safe cooking dishes and utensils

Small stick vacuum

A few basic cleaning supplies (Windex, Pledge, broom, dust pan, bucket, mop etc…)

Shower curtain rod and shower curtain rings

2 twin size cotton blankets (beige or tan)


Please coordinate these deliveries with Tammi Ogle at on or before Wednesday, March 1.