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Fall Family Fun

On Friday, Oct 24, over 70 people from ClearView’s Children’s Ministry gathered for our Fall Family Field Trip at Mr. Shane’s house. It was an amazingly beautiful autumn evening – just right for fellowship, fun and worship as families.  In addition to the tradition of roasting hot dogs, marshmallows, and having hot chocolate, two new elements were added to the night’s agenda.

The Discovery Center in Murfreesboro joined us for our own private animal encounter.  We were able meet and touch several of God’s creations: a rabbit, a hedgehog, a chinchilla, a snake, a turtle, a screech owl, and a ferret named Rascal.  We learned just how creative God is and how He takes care of these unique animals.

We ended our time together with worship music around the camp fire, led by Austin Stanley. As much as God cares for His animals, we know He cares for us even more. We enjoyed being able to praise and thank Him through music together as families. 

Make plans to join us in the Spring for our next set of Family Field Trips!