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DNOW 2017


This November 17-18, we are having our DNOW Weekend at ClearView, one of the biggest events not only for Student Ministry, but for the entire church!  Chad Poe, our pastor from FUGE 2017, will be leading our large group sessions while People of the Earth will be leading us in worship for the weekend. 

DNOW has typically been the most highly attended event in Student Ministry with the largest amount of guests.  Many of our students have said that if they had one shot to invite a non-believing friend to a church event, they would choose DNOW. In light of this, we want to make sure we choose a theme that reflects our need for the Lord in our lives. As we began brainstorming a theme, I found myself coming back to the constant battle of pride and humility that everyone encounters. It’s our natural bend to put ourselves over everything and crown ourselves as kings of our world. But that’s not how God has called us to live. In our planning, I came across this quote:

“Humility is nothing but the disappearance of self in the vision that God is all” ~Andrew Murray

I can’t read this quote and not think about what Paul wrote about in Philippians 2. Paul encourages Christians to be like Christ Jesus, who’s humility led him to the point of his death on the cross. I’m not sure there’s a better example of the “disappearance of self in the vision that God is all” than Christ. Paul explains that though he was equal with God, he chose to humble himself by becoming obedient to death. Jesus lost himself in the vision that God was all he needed. Yet, how ofter do WE lose sight of God in the vision that WE are all we need?  This battle of pride and humility is the theme of our DNOW weekend this year— Less of me, More of Him.   In the Gospel of John, the author puts it this way “I must decrease, so that he might increase.” 

It’s our hope that all students know the saving grace of Jesus Christ, and we believe that this year’s DNOW will be an amazing opportunity for our students and their friends to experience the Lord in a mighty way. We know that there are many parents who want to be involved and serve, and there will be many opportunities for that in the weeks ahead. Whether it’s hosting a small group for the weekend, providing breakfast and snacks for a group, or praying during our services for salvations, we will need your help to pull off an event like this. 

We look forward to having your students join us for this amazing week!