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Disaster Relief - Houston Updates

Day Three

Today was our last day on the job.  We have all enjoyed working on the house for the past three days, and while we made progress there is still quite a bit to do.  We are praying for the lovely lady we have worked with and her three boys to have other volunteers come in and help them in big ways, and praying specifically for skilled labor to come in and complete some projects that are going to be a little more difficult.  

The first two days we had a large youth ministry and adult team working with us, but today it was just Dean, Matt and myself going back to the house, so we asked for them to send another volunteer with us. We had the opportunity to serve with a young man from Kentucky for the day, and with the work of the four of us, we were able to get about 95% of the house covered in drywall.  We were able to visit with the homeowner a little in the afternoon and while she was popping back and forth between some major things, we were able to encourage her and give her some local contacts to potentially help her with her situation.  

After the work day was complete, we return the work equipment to the church and then headed home for dinner with Aylors and to catch a little sleep before our 6 AM flight. It was definitely a great week of service, and I know my eyes were open to the aches and pains of such an event as this.  We pray for Houston and the recovery efforts that will take years ahead. 

Written by: Rachel Powell

Day Two

"He's still working on me...", you may remember the beginning of this familiar Sunday school song from many years ago.  Today that song rang true as He used Rachel, Dean and myself to serve those in the city of Houston.  As we continue our work installing drywall not a minute has passed where it doesn't feel like the Lord has his hand in it.  Today was the last day of a youth group teaming with us from Indiana and to see these young adults serving others with love is amazing.  During our lunch break Dean stood and gave a short devotional thanking them for their hard work and how great it's been to see them working so hard and so selflessly.

The most humbling part of our day however came after we left our work site and drove around to see the continued bruises that this hurricane left.  My heart weeps for those with houses completely destroyed and families whose lives turned upside down.  On some of the streets we drove along one house may be in ruins and the next one down the block be spared.  I had to ask myself, if they aren't believers who do they lean on when all hope is lost?  I pray the Lord provides restoration and peace within the communities in Houston.  I pray they lean on Him for provision.

I truly believe the Lord brought us here to help those in Houston.  With this being my first mission trip, I can't help but think He is  working on me.

The latter part of that familiar song goes

“There really ought to be a sign upon my heart

Don’t judge him yet, there’s an unfinished part

But I’ll be better just according to His plan

Fashioned by the Master’s loving hands”

I thank the Lord for the work we're doing here and moreover the work he's doing on me. #Houstonstrong

Written by Matt Hollis

Day One

Today was the first day of three full days of labor! It was a great way to start too. Dean Waldrop, Matt Hollis and myself left Nashville yesterday getting in to Houston late due to a 3-hour delay, but we got up early this morning to spend time with our host, Gary and Joyce Aylor before heading to the church, Humble Area's First Baptist Church, eating breakfast and getting sent back out to help with a lovely lady in the community.  

Through a series of unfortunate events, she needs to sell her house and had it on the market just lowering the price before the flood happened.  We could talk about some of those events today, and she really has a lot on her plate right now.  She must have her house repaired, sold and out within two months based on what she can do.  She has three boys, one of which was around most of the day today and is sweet as can be. We are hoping we can help her make a lot of progress on the house this week.  Today Dean and Matt installed drywall, while I learned how and worked the rest of the day at mudding the drywall after them.

We are all tired from the day, but very thankful that we could come home to such a sweet couple who has a fabulous full meal cooking for us now!  Speaking of, the smell is getting to me, so I'm signing off until tomorrow!

Written By: Rachel Powell