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Children's Creation Museum Trip

So what really happened to the dinosaurs? Where did poison and venom come from? How could Noah fit all those animals on the ark? All of these questions can now be answered by our fifth graders who went on our annual overnight trip to the Creation Museum on April 8-9.

Each spring, as a special event for our current fifth graders and their families, we travel to the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky, just outside of Cincinnati. This year, we took 49 students and adults, our largest group yet. The trip serves many purposes: teaching Biblical truths, growing relationships between students, preparing them for Middle School, and celebrating their time in Children’s Ministry. But each person walks away with a common response: The Bible really came to life for me. I understand it so much better!

The group got to experience a digital planetarium show called the Created Cosmos, explaining how vast and creative God was when He spoke the universe into existence. Then we went to the special effects theater for an entertaining look at how our culture has moved from a creationist viewpoint to an evolutionist viewpoint, and how we can speak out and help people see the truths in God’s Word.

Next, we took a walking tour through the first eleven chapters of Genesis with life-sized displays of Creation, the Ark, and the Flood. We saw how God’s perfect plan for the world was changed by the introduction of sin. But we also learned how God made a way to restore people to Himself through the sacrifice of His perfect Son, Jesus Christ. We ended our day outside in the gardens and petting zoo. Some brave group members even took a camel ride!

We encourage families of all ages to check out the Creation Museum if you’re in the Cincinnati area. Find out more at their website:

Written By: Jennie Ross