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Bridge Ministry Recap

I learned a lot helping with the Bridge Ministry. A few of the girls were assigned to help with children. I felt comfortable working with them. They were great kids of all ages. I followed a little toddler around for most of the night. I don't even know her name. But she was adorable.

During the first part of the night, the leaders held a worship time for the kids. We all sat in a circle singing and doing hand motions. Sometimes, they would be rowdy, and we had to quiet them down. Overall, everyone was good.

I was surprised that most of the kids wanted to listen to the story. The teachers demonstrated the crucifixion story, and the kids participated when needed. Then we had an Easter egg hunt for everyone, and the kids loved it! They were so happy to get candy – something that isn’t expected.

Something I learned during that night was that even thought these kids come from hard backgrounds, they are still able to have joy. They played with each other, ran around and learned about Jesus.


Written By: Kendra Satterwhite