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Big Week: MLK and Inauguration Day

Church family, 

This is a big week for our nation. Yesterday was Martin Luther King day and Inauguration day is this Friday. Both of these days have been on my mind for some time, and I've been committed to praying for both the last several days.

I heard John Piper once say that "pride poisons ethnic harmony." These days, we endure with great pain the tension of race relations. Pride never leads to patient conversations and pride doesn't care about the wounds of a city or nation. The good news is that we know God hates pride and has made a path to destroy it through the cross. With the cross of Christ as the linchpin of our faith, no one can boast. Therefore, true ethnic harmony begins with the gospel. Pray, for racial reconciliation to take place in our cities and nation. Pray, it happens by way of the great news of Jesus Christ.     

There are few events that are gauranteed to go down in history. The president's swearing-in ceremony is one of them. We will, as a nation, swear in the 45th president of the United States. As you pray for this important day, consider reading the prayers from Billy Graham and Franklin Graham from previous inaugurations. I am thankful to live in a country that has demonstrated, over many decades, a peaceful transition of power. Pray, it happens again this week. 

Speaking of prayer, you can always call the church office at 615.794.5488 during the week to pray with a pastor or email your prayer request to Never doubt the power of prayer.

Because of His greatness and grace,  
Pastor Mark 

PS... If you missed church on Sunday, you can always watch on our site to catch up. Invite a friend this Sunday.