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Awaken NOW

A few weeks ago our High School ministry participated in Awaken: NOW (Night Of Worship).  What made this night so unique was we met in the chapel instead of the basement.  We went for an "unplugged" feel by having the band in the middle of the room and all of our students standing around the band engaging in Worship.  

As we took our shoes off before we came in the room and entered in silence, it was evident from the start this night was going to be special.  As a youth pastor, you have moments in ministry where you can look back on and be amazed at what He did.  That night was one of those moments.  To see our students engaged in worship was incredible and to see them praying specifically for each other and the issues that were heavy on their hearts was so encouraging.  

As our students were united around Christ, we saw a glimpse of what an Acts 2 body of believers looks like.  Wednesday nights are such a blessing and God is doing amazing things through the lives of our students.  Join us on Wednesday nights at 6:00 for Awaken and be a part of this incredible experience.

We're having another Awaken NOW this Wednesday night at 6.  We'll be in the Chapel again, and this is something you don't want to miss.