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A Turning Point in World History

Church family, 

It is a widely accepted saying that "the older you get, the faster time seems to go." It does feel like that proverb is true because 2017, like the last several years, is off to the races again and Easter is only 19 days away. 

Easter morning is the turning point of world history and the defining moment for Christianity. It’s the day when our own resurrection from the dead was secured and the first time in history when someone went through death and came out the other side – victorious, in glory, mysteriously new and yet the same.

Pray for our Easter services. Pray specifically for the people who will be worshipping with us on this glorious day. Pray for the believer's heart to be encouraged and strengthened and pray for the unbeliever's heart to be transformed and made new by the work of the Holy Spirit.  

Let me share 3 brief items for this week: 

  1. Midweek starts back up tomorrow night with new classes beginning. For a list of class offerings, go to and sign up today. Join us for an Italian dinner between 5-6pm.
  2. Nathan Finn will be our guest preacher this Sunday and next as we continue in the Colossians Series. 
  3. This spring we are partnering with Habitat for Humanity on a build project. We have numerous ways to get involved on May 27: You can pray for the Habitat family and that God will use this opportunity to let others in the community know about His love. You can volunteer for the actual build, You can volunteer to provide food on the day of the build. Find out more by going to

Thankful for you, 
Pastor Mark