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Meet Florisa

Florisa Valdiviezo Cabrero wrote these words to us recently from her home in Mexico. She is a child that we have sponsored for 10 years through Compassion.

Would you like to meet me? How do you answer that question? She often writes that her village has no electricity due to drug violence. Pregnant mothers have to travel by boat to a nearby village at the slightest hint that the baby is coming. Florisa’s papa worries about food. If only she could come to our home for a week so we could show her how much we love her!

For years, we have built a relationship with Florisa through photographs, drawings, and letters. We prayed through the illness of her Aunt Sara and the birth of her little sister Quetzali. We have enjoyed learning about the sea, her diet, and her faith. We get to hold the actual letters that she has written, translated by Compassion staff.

Florisa is one of 1.8 million children globally who are sponsored by teens, families, Small Groups, Sunday School classes and groups worldwide.

What is Compassion International?

According to their website: "Compassion International is a child-advocacy ministry that pairs compassionate people with those who are suffering from poverty. The ministry releases children from spiritual, economic, social, and physical poverty. The goal is for each child to become a responsible and fulfilled adult."

We have been forever changed by this ministry, and the team at Compassion makes it easy. Now, all of the letters and photos we send to Florisa can be done via an online template. Just upload some photos, write the letter and hit SEND - that's it. Compassion takes care of the rest. (You can also send handwritten notes and attach your favorite family photos.)

We have the option to give an extra amount (usually $20) for our child's birthday. One time after Florisa's birthday, she sent us a picture of the items that her family purchased with the extra gift. It's amazing what a few extra dollars will buy in Mexico.

Where Does the Money Go?

Compassion works with over 7,000 churches in the child’s village who provide spiritual, physical, and emotional support for each child. Florisa talks often of her love for the local "Center" as well as the grades she gets in school and in Bible class. It's the Great Commission in action – as well as ClearView Baptist’s mission to “make God known to the ends of the earth”.

How Can I Select a Child?

You can choose a child by country, city, or even by birthdate! (Wouldn't it be fun to sponsor a child with the same birthday as you or a loved one?) You can sponsor children in Burkina Faso, Trinidad & Tobago, Bangladesh, Uganda, Ecuador, Bolivia, Nicaragua, and many more countries.

I hope you will consider sponsoring a child through Compassion during Compassion Sunday on June 19 at ClearView. There will be tables in the Atrium or you can simply go to to learn more.

If you have any specific questions, feel free to email me:


Written By: Steve Minucci