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1st Graders Loving Their Bibles

On Sunday, August 3rd, excitement filled the Children’s Worship Room as brand new First Graders and their parents gathered for an introduction to Children’s Ministry and to receive their own copy of a Children’s Bible as a gift from ClearView.

Moving from the Preschool Ministry to Children’s Ministry is a big step for both children, as well as their parents. The time together allowed families to get to know one another, hear which school the children would be attending, and learn about ClearView’s Children’s Ministry.  A highlight for each child was the special time of prayer and blessing by the parents. 

Mr. Shane encouraged everyone to read their Bible daily, memorize verses, and talk about it with their families.  He challenged each child to carry their “sword” of truth with them wherever they went by hiding it in their hearts. The Word of God is the foundational piece of what ClearView stands on, and these new First Graders have a great start!