New York City Church Planter

About Andrew

Born and raised in Poplar Bluff, Missouri, Andrew always had a fascination with New York City. In August 2005, Andrew moved to Mott Haven (South Bronx) and currently oversees the mission, vision, strategy, and implementation of Graffiti 2 Community Ministries. As a result of this ministry, Graffiti 2 Baptist Church was planted. Andrew pastors this body of believers.

Andrew takes his professional therapy dog, Proof, with him everywhere, especially the subways of NYC. This Labrador retriever is a source of unconditional love for the families in the ministry. Read Andrew's latest book: Upside Down Joy.

About Graffiti 2

Graffiti 2 Community Ministries is part of the Graffiti Network of ministries and churches. Graffiti Community Ministries has empowered children, youth, and adults on the Lower East Side of Manhattan for over forty years.

Located in the Mott Haven community of the South Bronx, Graffiti 2 meets the needs of children, teens, young adults, and adults. Graffiti 2 Baptist Church was planted in September 2008 and continues to grow God's kingdom. Learn more about Graffiti 2 by clicking here.


Pray for the ministry of Graffiti 2 and the whole Graffiti network. Pray that Graffiti 2 Baptist Church will not only grow in number but that disciples will grown in their faith. Pray for the people of Mott Haven that they would follow Jesus.