Mid-Week Schedule

5:00 pm Fellowship Hall open for dinner: families are invited to bring dinner with them and enjoy fellowship around the tables wtih other ClearView families.
5:50 pm Prayer Time in the Chapel
6:00 - 7:15 pm Preschool, Children, Student classes
6:15-7:15 pm Adult Discipleship Classes and Worship Choir

NOTE: There will be no Mid-Week on Wed, March 20.

Preschool Midweek
Babies - Kindergarten: Preschoolers will learn about Jesus through Bible lessons, scripture memory, music and games.  Music will be shared with the babies and ones.

Children: Woship For Life Discipleship Series
Grades 1-5, Fun Rec and Bible Study time with both large group and small group elements that teach children how to apply Bible concepts and stories to their everyday lives. Through the use of music, videos and fun interactions with other children, we go on a journey of Biblical learning each week.

Children: Watcha' Need?
Grade 5 only, “Tweens” face so many choices and challenges before going to Middle School. Each week leaders look for answers in the Bible for topics like: personal image, music, prayer life, lifestyle witnessing, showing respect, and making good decisions! This is for current 5th Graders only.

Students: Mid-Week Worship
Come join us for our weekly Wednesday night worship experience for Students. Middle School meets in the Station, and High School meets in the basement. Students will go through a series titled "Discovering Your Purpose."
It is designed for ClearView students and their friends to engage in worship, biblical teaching, playing crazy games, and hanging out with one another.

Beginning with Wednesday, March 27 we will offer two new studies on Wednesday nights. These studies are list below:


GENERAL CO-ED STUDY: Life on Mission  Room A105/106
This 5 session study is equal parts purpose and practice. It's one thing to examine the heart of a mission-minded follower. It's another to adopt the strategy and actually become a mission-minded follower of Jesus. This class provides an opportunity for both. The video sessions feature prominent pastors and authors who are practitioneers of a missional lifestyle as well as mission-minded preachers. This study will help engage with your community evangelistically. It will invite you to connect God's mission and equip you with tools to live a life of purpose.
Facilitated by Brian Hatcher and John Garner


WOMEN'S STUDY: Just Open the Door  Room A107/108

What if you could change a generation with something as simple as an invitation? For many of us, inviting people into our lives and homes feels more like inviting judgment on our entertaining skills and stress on our already maxed-out schedules. But what if you knew that opening your front door had the power to radically change the world? This study is a personal yes-you-can guide to offering the life-changing gift of invitation. The personal stories, practical ideas, and poignant insights will give you the confidence you need to see your home as the most liekly location for changing the world around you, one open door at a time.

Facilitated by Michelle Hicks and Alicia Claxton