In the world today, there are children and families who go to bed hungry every night. We might think this is a distant problem, but it happens to people right in our own backyard. Most of us have never had to ask the question: “Where will I get my next meal?” We have so many resources that it’s not an issue for us. We have been blessed with these resources. Maybe God has blessed you to be blessing. Maybe He gave you resources and placed you in such a place where you can care for those who can’t meet their own immediate needs. Hunger in our community is something we cannot tolerate. That is why we have identified hunger as an issue that we as a church will try radically to end.

GraceWorks is committed to share the grace of God by providing services to residents in need in Williamson County. GraceWorks does this through food, clothing, financial assistance, senior services, Christmas programs, and a thrift store. Daily, GraceWorks looks for a number of volunteers to serve in a variety of capacities.

Second Harvest Food Bank is a network of individuals, local nonprofit organizations and corporate partners working together to fight hunger in our community. Together, we make a bigger, better, stronger and more efficient impact on hunger in our 46-county service area in Middle and West Tennessee.