West Africa


"Gospel access in West Africa is a study in contrasts. Some of the first Baptist missionaries were commissioned to this part of the world in the mid 19th century, and some countries are now home to thriving Baptist conventions. Yet, over 150 years later, whole nations remain largely untouched by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. To reach West Africa, the International Mission Board has developed a strategy that encompasses this broad range of Gospel access: Engage – Mobilize volunteer churches to engage West Africa’s “micro” people groups with the Gospel. We want to make sure the smallest, most remote groups have the opportunity to hear about Jesus Christ." To find more information on Unreached/Unengaged People Groups and the IMB initiative to reach them, click here.

Mission: Through the adoption of the "B" people we have committed to regularly visit them and take the Gospel to this Unreached/Unengaged People Group.  This is done through a method of Story-telling.  Teams spend about four nights in the village, living life with the villagers and telling stories from the Word of God.

Costs: $2200

Date:  May 12 - 21, 2017

Age: Must be 18 years or older.

*All Deposits are Non-Refundable.

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