Liberty Reading Day


At Liberty Elementary, 41.2% of the student population is below the reading level for their grade. Through our partnership with this local school, we would love to show our support to the teachers and students by participating in multiple 20-30 minute reading blocks in all classes, 8:45 am to 3:15 pm, Friday, May18.

You have freedom to read any children's book to the classes, and if you want to take the next step, dress up like the characters of the book! The students absolutely love to have guests visit and read to them. 

Please sign up for a day and a time slot. You will not have to be there for the entire time. We need to know when you can serve so we can inform the school. Once you arrive at the school, they will assign you a teacher and a class. Take your ID with you as you will need it to check in with the front office.

As you get to know the teachers and the students, and if this is something you would like to do more frequently, you have an opportunity to continue this rewarding service.

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