DCS Gift Project


This year will be our fifth year to partner with the Davidson Co. Department of Children's Services to help provide Christmas gifts for some of the over 500 children in foster care.  Between November 19th and December 3rd there will be a Christmas tree with some of these children's wish lists available in the hall just outside the chapel. Please stop by and look over these lists to see how you and/or your family, or group can help provide a special Christmas for a child. Return the gifts on Sundays December 3rd or 10th, or bring them by the church December 4 - 7, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM.  They will be delivered on Monday, December 11th, anything that is purchased late must be delivered to the DCS Nashville office.  

Instructions for The Gift Project

1. Choose a child’s gift tag from the Christmas Tree (Located in the Chapel Hall November 19 - December 3).

2. Enter your name, email and cell phone on registration sheet.

3. Use the items on the wish list as your shopping guide. Feel free to have another family or Group join in with you. Feel free to include a bible for your child.

4. Return items in gift bags enclosed all within a large gift bag or trash bag, except for very large items. Place “2017 Christmas Wish List” inside the large bag and attach gift tag and/or label to the outside.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Do I have to purchase all items on the list?

No. It is just a guide and you may also buy things that are not on the list.

2. Can I join in with others to purchase the items?

Yes! Feel free to join in with other families or a small group.

3. Do I have to wrap the gifts?

The gifts should be unwrapped or placed in a gift bag then all the gifts placed in a large trash bag or gift bag with label attached for easy handling.

4. Can I buy my child a bible?

Yes. Age appropriate would be a good idea.