God placed ClearView in a specific geographical location for a reason. He placed us as His kingdom alongside the hurting so we can be a light in the darkness. That is why we decided to ask this question, “What can ClearView do to minister to our specific community in such a way that God will be glorified and the Kingdom will be built?” We believe that there isn’t a problem too small or a dream of God’s glorification in this community too big for ClearView to be used by God.

Backyard Kids Club takes place every summer from June through August. ClearView schedules and promotes Backyard Kids Club in neighborhoods throughout Williamson County. This gives our members opportunities to open up their doors to their own community through Bible study, recreation, snacks and more with children Pre-K through 5th grade.

Liberty Elementary and Freedom Middle are local schools that ClearView ministers to throughout the year. There are many opportunities where our church family can serve the children, teachers, and parents in these neighborhood schools.

Prison Ministry reaches men and women in prison with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Lives are being transformed. When these convicts are released, they will be less likely to commit new crimes.

Franktown Open Hearts is a non-profit organization committed to the success of Franklin’s inner-city youth. We provide Christ-centered mentoring through weekly vocational education and experiences that prepare our underserved youth for the future. Volunteer Opportunities: Tutoring, Administration, Meal Preparation, Recreation, Life Skills Course, Sewing Class, Bible Teaching, Drama/Theater, Chaperone Field Trips, Computer Skills, Culinary Class, Hunt & Fish, Automotive, Arts & Crafts, Christmas Shopping.

Refugee Ministry Looking for a few volunteers to attend some events and get to know families. Monthly community dinner (first Saturday of every month, easy way to get involved and get to know people and invite to Community Bible Study. Prayer for the Somali community to get involved as they are a very difficult community with strong ties to Muslim and tribal religions.. Babysitting at Community Bible Study (once a week, Thurs, Fri or Sun evening). Help with a Christmas Party.

Community Outreach Ministries Our mission is to offer help, hope, and healing to the tired, discouraged, wounded, broken and often invisible or forgotten in our community.

Apartment Ministry Coming Soon!