CCC Staff And Teachers

Patti Connally

CCC - Pre-K Bees

[Read Below for Patti’s Favorite Things]

Patti Connally, her husband, and two children are members of ClearView Baptist Church. Both of her children graduated from CCC.  Patti has taught in the CCC program since September 2005, working all but one of those years in the pre-K classroom.  Before becoming a CCC teacher, Patti taught early childhood special education for eight years. She has a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Special Education and works in the special needs ministry at ClearView on Sunday mornings.

Teaching preschoolers is Patti’s passion and spiritual gift. For Patti, it is a joy to spend each Tuesday and Thursday working with her precious students and ministering to their families! The pre-k class is a buzzing beehive of love, laughter, and learning!


Monogram: PCA

Birthday: September 15

Allergies: Strong Perfumes & Scents

Hobbies: Jigsaw Puzzles (1000 - 2000 pieces), Reading & Crocheting


Color: Pink & Royal Blue

Teacher Supplies: Colored Pens

Sweet Snack: none :)

Soda or Drink: Diet Dr. Pepper

Fast Food Restaurants: Chick-fil-A & Pieology

Sit Down Restaurants: Carrabba's and Cracker Barrel

Places to Shop: Parent-Teacher Store, Target, Lifeway

Sports Team: Auburn Tigers

Charities: St. Jude

Season: Fall