CCC Staff And Teachers

Kelly Howard

CCC - Musical Zoo

Kelly moved to Williamson county in 1996 from West Monroe, Louisiana.  She attended Liberty University majoring in Elementary Education. Kelly has spent most of her career working as a legal assistant, but found her passion serving as a volunteer in various roles in adoption/foster care ministries.  Kelly also works as a substitute teacher with in WCS, most often as a teacher’s assistant working with special needs children.

Kelly and her husband, Scott have been members of ClearView for 14 years. They have 2 biological and 2 adopted children: Mallory, Grant, Jenna, and Jaylan.  They have hosted seven other babies in their home through various ministries and they will always hold a piece of their heart as well. Kelly serves in Preschool Worship on Sunday mornings and Scott assists with audio/visual.

Kelly’s youngest child attended CCC for three years - “I can’t say enough good things about the CCC program and the staff here.  This team walked along side us through difficult days, and were a blessing to our child as well as to me!”

Kelly will be assisting Emily with Music classes and activities at CCC.   


Birthday: August 24

Allergies: No allergies

Hobbies: Thrift shopping, reading, laying by the pool


Color: Mint green

Flower: Tulips and Hydrangeas

Teacher Supplies: Colored Sharpies and Gel Crayons

Sweet Snack: Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Roasted Almond Squares

Loves to shop at Trader Joes or Whole Foods for snacks

Soda or Drink: Sonic diet coke

Fast Food Restaurants: Chick-fil-A

Sit Down Restaurants: Cheesecake Factory, Merridee’s

Places to Shop: Goodwill, Boutiques, Boutiques things found at Goodwill! ;)

Sports Team: Tennessee Titans

Charities: My Life Speaks / Jonah’s Journey

Season: Spring / Fall