CCC Staff And Teachers

Elizabeth Hall

CCC - TK Koalas

Elizabeth taught kindergarten for seven years and one year of Transitional Kindergarten at CCC, and is always looking for exciting ways to make learning engaging and meaningful for her students. This year, while getting to travel some and work with other teachers. Elizabeth is also author of the blog, "Kickin' it in Kindergarten," where she loves connecting with other teachers. She loves spending time with her husband, Jon, and their daughter, Amelia and son, Pierceson! 

Monogram: EHP
Bday: 6/21
fav color: pink
fav flower: hydrangea
fav teacher supplies: flair pens
fav sweet snack: bark chocolate
fav soda or drink: Smart water
Fav fast food rest: Starbucks
Fav sit down rest: Garcia's
Fav places to shop: Nordstrom & Vinnie Louise
hobbies: running, swimming & shopping
Fav sports team: Cubs and Titans
fav charities: St. Jude
fav season: fall